Inter–Rail offers a full array of terminal management services including automobile, industrial and intermodal switchingInter–Rail offers a full array of terminal management services including automobile, industrial and intermodal switching.

Serving Class I railroads and automobile manufacturers, we are proud to include the following companies as our customers:

Serving Class I railroads and automobile manufacturers

"We, the employees of Inter-Rail are committed to meeting our customer’s expectations by providing quality service through dedicated training and continuous improvement."Inter–Rail’s Quality Policy


Auto Terminal Services

Loading, Unloading, Check Point Services, Inventory Management
Inter–Rail specializes in the loading and unloading of vehicles on and off multilevel railcars. In addition to handling standard automobiles and trucks, our customers have relied on us to successfully process the occasional unique vehicle – a double-decker bus, trolley, and military Humvee to name a few. Check-point services provide gate check-in and inventory accuracy to ensure vehicle safekeeping. Every step of the way, our highly trained employees ensure that vehicles leave our possession exactly the way we received them – damage-free, in factory fresh condition. This requires precision that can only come from a keen attention to detail and an eye on safety.

Inter–Rail puts technology to work for our customers, as well. Our inventory system, infOS™, designed in-house, has the ability to interface with both auto manufacturers and railroads. We have invested in information technology so that our customers can benefit by Inter–Rail being a full service provider.

Switching Services

Automobile, Industrial, and Intermodal
Our certified crews safely and efficiently switch more than 550 multilevel railcars a day. That is more than 200,000 railcars a year. Smooth switching is a must if vehicles are to roll off multilevels in the same condition in which they rolled off the assembly line. We offer the same high level of care for the other commodities we handle as well. At Inter–Rail we have committed resources to locomotive acquisition and continuous employee training, all of which result in outstanding service to our customers. Through partnerships with railroads and shippers, Inter–Rail can provide switching services that are more frequent, more flexible and more cost-effective.

Railcar Maintenance

Railcar Inspection, Repair, and Pre-tripping
Knuckle to knuckle and deck to deck, Inter–Rail crews have it covered. All repairs are performed according to Federal Railroad Administration standards and are billed through the AAR system Our services include:

  • Pre-trip Inspection of the Railcar                                    
  • Repairs to Flat Cars
    • End Air Hoses and Supports
    • Brake Shoes
    • Draft system components, including couplers, knuckles, pins, locks & lifters, throwers, and uncoupling levers
    • Complete wheel inspections and replacement of wheelsets, brake beams, truck springs, roller bearing adapters and other truck components 
  • Repairs to Racks
    • Doors & components
    • Barrel rings
    • Door tracks
    • Rust remediation
    • And much more

We have employees at each of our repair locations that are AWS certified welders and fabricators as well as AAR certified M-970 Multi-Level Rack Inspectors.  Our mechanical mission is to "Keep Cars in Service Through Quality Inspections and Repairs".


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